JEA == Just Enough Architecture

JEA == Just Enough Architecture

or John's Enterprise Architecture == JEA.

Provides structures, stories and guidance for Enterprise Architects and Digital Strategist.

Its "Just Enough Architecture" as in an Agile world it is critial that just the right amount of Enterprise Architcture is done...

  • Not to much - as this results in bottle necks and potential irrelevance
  • Not to little - as this is likely to result in quality and cost issues

Just Enough Architecture will cover the following areas:

  • Context - where does Enterprise Architecture fit
  • Value Proposition - what is the purpose and value of Enterprise Architectue
  • Existenstial Angst - why is it that architects worry about their relevance and particuarly as everyone and thing is moving to agile models...
  • Agile and Enterprise Architecture - how does Enterprise Architecture work in an Agile delivery world where we have Agile Everything
  • Enterprise Architecture Metaphor - building cities and culture not the Tower of Babel
  • Real World Examples and Learnings - industry insights and examples and lessons learnt

That is opening gambit for the Focus of this Blog, in addition there are assocated Blogs that cover:

  • Industry - Industry models and examples
  • Technology Tips - in addition to writing the Blog we will also write a Blog of technical tips on getting this site up and running

The objective is 1 or 2 posts a month and no more.